Business areas

We carefully balance our investment activities across three key areas:

  • Capital represents our financial investments. We invest across a wide range of capital market instruments. Our main focus is on maintaining a balanced portfolio with sustainable performance and returns.
  • Real Estate consists of a portfolio of properties across the value chain, from development to cash-flow projects. We collaborate with the best partners to deliver high quality and added value for our users. With our long-term mindset we strive for innovation and dynamic solutions.
  • Venture is our commitment to innovative technology companies in their scale-up and growth phases. We embrace the ideas of entrepreneurs who want to make a difference.

What drives us

Our vision is to be innovative and dynamic, and we have a long-term value creation perspective. This vision is our leading star and helps us make the right choices when we invest, recruit and collaborate with our partners. Our business is built on our company’s values of being curious, goal-oriented and team players. They are the principles that reflect what we stand for and drive our business.

At Herfo, we feel responsible for society, the world we live in, and our environment. This affects how we act as owners, investors, and citizens. We believe that all our investments shall contribute to future companies’ sustainable growth. Therefore, we have based our sustainability strategy on four of the UN sustainability goals where we believe we can make a positive difference:

  • Good health and well being
  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Responsible consumption and production

Who we are

With a solid foundation and a long history, our base is in Stavanger. We are an optimistic and enthusiastic team with high ambitions and a shared mission to achieve our goals through collaboration with others.

We also have a representative office in Shanghai, where we work to develop and maintain business partnerships and values for Norwegian and Chinese companies.

Social responsibility

Contributing and building the society is fundamental to our strategy. Generosity and a commitment to society are vital for both our owner and employees. We support our local community in the areas of research and education, health, sports, and culture.

Any questions? Ask our team.